Interpro began as International Probate Research and was founded by Edward C. Azarian in 1974.  The company was originally based in Malibu, California and is now located in Carlsbad, California. Interpro specializes in the recovery of abandoned property and locating heirs, who are missing or unknown.  We seek out unclaimed assets and attempt to locate the appropriate owner or heir.  Since inception, we have recovered millions of dollars for thousands of people all over the world.

Edward C. Azarian was a retired peace officer with the County of Los Angeles.  Toward the end of that 25 year career, he obtained his California Private Investigator license and laid the foundation for his second career, searching for missing heirs.  His son, Michael L. Azarian, joined Edward in 1989, and together they collaborated on missing heir cases for more than two decades.  Edward passed away in 2012, and Michael continues the legacy started by his father, to make heirs aware of assets which would otherwise remain unknown to them.

Interpro is a company which operates on a contingent fee basis.  Our clients pay nothing from their own pocket for our services.  We process claims on behalf of our clients, and we advance the necessary costs.  Upon successful resolution of the claim, we simply share in the asset, which was previously lost, abandoned or unknown to our clients.  This arrangement places the entire burden of risk and expense on us, and our clients incur no cost or liability.