Why has Interpro located me?

If you have been contacted by Interpro, then we have already expended a great deal of effort to locate you. We have done so, on our own initiative, to inform you of assets, which were otherwise unknown to you. A significant part of our service is in bringing this matter to your attention.

Now that Interpro has found me, what is next?

From this point, our goal is to assist you in claiming your interest in the assets we have located. As your representative, we will perform all the tasks necessary to achieve this goal, at our expense. This includes taking steps to protect your interest and preserve the value of the assets, gathering the necessary evidence to prove your entitlement, and providing the services of legal counsel and professional research. We will see the entire process through until you receive your rightful share.

What is the fee for Interpro's services?

Interpro works strictly on a contingent fee basis. This means we advance all expenses necessary to complete your claim. Upon recovery of the assets, we simply receive a percentage of whatever net amount you receive.

Are there any risks for me?

There is absolutely no risk or liability for you. Interpro assumes all risk and advances all expenses to achieve a recovery. You will never be asked to pay any costs from your own pocket. If for any reason it is determined that you are not entitled, you will owe us absolutely nothing.

How much time is required to process a claim?

The amount of time varies from case to case, depending on the complexity of each situation. For example, the number of heirs/claimants, the location of the assets, or the condition of the assets can affect the processing time. Some claims are completed in a matter of months, while others require as much as a year or more. As your representative, we closely monitor the proceedings and take steps to expedite the process whenever possible.